Why is Rudolph’s nose red?

A great question and one that has been asked of Santa many many times, along with other great questions like, “What if our house doesn’t have a chimney?” and “How do reindeer fly?”. Santa Claus has all the answers and if you are lucky enough he might just tell you! Santa Claus lives in Lapland, The North Pole, and every year boys and girls from around the world visit Santa in his home in Finnish Lapland. One of our elves from Santa Trips which is based in Dublin, Ireland, went to see for herself on her recent visit to Lapland.
Our number one Elf set off from Dublin Airport at a very early hour surrounded by boys and girls from all around Ireland. There was lots of games and laughs as one of Santa’s main elves was sent from the North Pole to create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

​​After boarding the special flight to the North pole all the children received goodie bags with word sheets for coral singing, treats and most importantly a letter so they could write to the big man himself. Once everyone was settled on the special Santa flight to Finnish Lapland, there were more games. The 3-hour flight was fun, loud and wild with kids taking over the plane, but not a cross parent in sight as spirits were high and not only did Santa’s Elf have everyone signing she even got the crew and Captain to join in on all the fun.
Once our Elf landed they were whisked off to get set up for the right clothing for the Arctic Circle. The airport is less than 30 minutes from the town centre. It’s an amazing view from the aircraft window of snow everywhere but she was delighted to see they got everything they needed to be well protected and warm for the duration. All in one jumpsuit, wool socks, snow boots, wool scarf and mittens were provided. All this takes a little time but it’s a smooth operation so no need to worry about it.MLXLS

Our number one Elf takes over the story!

Another 10-minute journey and we arrive at our hotel, check in, change and we’re off on our first adventure…snowmobiling. It’s only 3 pm but its already dark. Hours of daylight (if that’s what you could call it as you never see the sun) is from 10 am – 2 pm so you get the wonderful Christmas lights throughout. After collecting our helmets and a quick rundown of driving instructions we were paired up to 2 adults per snowmobile, one would drive out and then we’d swap so the passenger would drive back. All the kids were taken in a large sleigh driven by the leader.
Off we go onto the frozen rivers of Rovaniemi. It was an amazing experience and although I was extremely anxious about the size and speed of these machines the minute we got going I loved it and would have done it again. This seemed to be the Daddy’s favourite activity on the trip…I wonder why!

​​ Back to our hotel for a fantastic buffet style dinner which had something for everything especially the kids. Following dinner, Santa’s little Elf was there to entertain the kids and we were lucky enough that during this a hotel staff member came in shouting Northern Lights. We all ran outside and to top off what was already an amazing day we got to see the Northern Lights in full flow! Not something I’m afraid I can guarantee on every trip, but luck could be on your side!
The next morning following breakfast we were picked up at 9.30am and set off for

​​Joulukka Forest of Dreams. This was the magically part that had all the children in awe. Elf school where you learned to be an Elf, gingerbread decorating, Elves all over the forest singing and dancing, lots of time and space for the favourite snow time play and of course most important of all Santa’s command centre. See how his operation works then visit with the big man himself. Each family is seen separately and can you believe it but Santa knows everyone’s name and what they asked for…..hmmmm I think that’s all down to those letters written on the plane.

​​Next stop is our Reindeer ride. These creatures are so placid that the kids were very at ease with them. The sleigh ride is a real magical feel with their slow pace through the snow-covered trees in the forest. A perfect setting, We stop here for lunch which was very tasty and certainly enough to keep up going.
Following lunch, we’re off to our next adventure, our husky ride. This was mine and it would seem most of the kids on the flight homes favourite judging by the number of husky cuddly toys I spotted. Each sleigh had a passenger and a driver. So kids in the sleigh and parents driving. This a fast pace but everyone was squealing with delight and I even heard some kids singing carols!
After a long day, it was back to the hotel to freshen up as the day was not quite over. Again the bus picked us up and we were brought to Santa Park for a gala dinner night with table service, followed by a show, Winter wonderland train ride and Santa making artwork. Again another packed event which finished off an amazing day. Who’d have thought you could fit so much into one day!

​​The last day and after breakfast, we’re brought to Santa Village on the way back to the airport. Whilst there’s still plenty of Santa things to do and see this is geared more to picking up the presents and souvenirs for which you have plenty of time. Prices aren’t too bad and you can pick up very reasonably Christmas tree decorations, cuddly toys, glassware, clothing and so on. You really won’t have to spend any money before now so you’ll enjoy a little shopping.
We stayed at the Sky Hotel, and although basic hotel the rooms all had saunas in them and the food was excellent. The lovely part was being in the forest so the views were amazing and the kids could play outside in the snow. The Chalets are a better standard and no difference in the price and they are exactly what you would expect. Log cabin, cosy, small kitchenette and sauna. The one thing with the Chalets is the main lodge which hosts the reception, restaurant and bar are separate from your accommodation, so you have to walk to your cabin. They give you toboggans for the kids so you can pull them along which adds more excitement for the kids. Unless you’re really not interested in walking back through the snow to your bed then I’d prefer this accommodation and it’s always the first to sell out.

Santa Trips’ elf was a guest of Rovaniemi and stayed for two nights. Santa Trips sell from one to three-night breaks. Call our expert staff and ask about our unique payment plan., we look forward to helping you…